Recovering From COVID-19’s Economic Impact

Once we’ve tackled COVID-19, we will still face a period of significant economic recovery.  Meeting that challenge will require innovation, workplace development, and new jobs.

I will continue to advocate for the provisions of additive manufacturing, the new generation 3-D printing that will allow us to bring high paying manufacturing and technical jobs back to Delaware quickly and cheaply throughout the state, in Wilmington and New Castle County while not harming the environment traditional factories did.

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Continued to investment in our Workforce Development Programs will be a critical component of our recovery — identifying areas of need, developing and implementing a training curriculum, and direct job placement. Another component is to strengthen our Prosperity Partnership and the ability of our Small Business Development Programs. Delaware has a long history in the Research and Development fields, particularly with pharmaceuticals, energy, and technology. We can build on this history to construct out future.

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By Gerald L. Brady

Gerald Brady has represented Wilmington’s 4th Representative District since 2006.