Open Space and the Environment

Delaware’s lifestyle is greatly enhanced by our world-class outdoor spaces — and we will now also benefit from a new plastic bag ban, one of my proudest achievements in nearly thirty years of legislative service.  


During my 14 years as a member of the Delaware Open Space Council over 53,000 acres of the Delaware landscape has been protected. These open spaces and natural places include forests, waterways, parks, greenways, wetlands, and otherwise undeveloped lands.

I firmly believe in the preservation of these properties for the benefit of our current citizens as well as all future generations.

Natural open space lands contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to Delaware’s economy each year through tourism, wildlife watching, hunting, and fishing. The diversity of plants, animals and habitats found on these lands also provide invaluable services like cleaning our air, filtering our water, and maintaining the fertility of our soil.  All of it enriches our lives as Delawareans.

Charged with protecting and conserving Delaware’s natural resources, Delaware has taken the lead in preserving a network of open spaces and natural places that support and protect our precious natural resources while also allowing for Delaware’s continued economic growth and development.

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By Gerald L. Brady

Gerald Brady has represented Wilmington’s 4th Representative District since 2006.