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Delaware has an opportunity – during and after the pandemic – to eliminate the digital divide by ensuring all students have access to a highly functioning computer and highly functioning internet access.

In today’s high-tech environment, access to computer and the Internet is the equivalent of access to textbooks.

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During the pandemic, students must have access to appropriate technology and be required to be in attendance in the classroom when it is in session. There is an opportunity to re-purpose truancy officers to ensure compliance with remote learning attendance.

In light of the tremendous increase in mental health problems caused by the pandemic, several practices become imperative in delivering an equitable educational experience:

-Mental health workers should visit remote learning students to ensure their mental health needs caused by social isolation are being met.

– Districts should provide mental assessments of in-class students whenever indicated in their teacher’s opinion.

– Ensure a routine and accessible mental hygiene program is available for teachers, teaching staff, paraprofessionals and associated members of the educational community.

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By Gerald L. Brady

Gerald Brady has represented Wilmington’s 4th Representative District since 2006.