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About Gerald L. Brady

Gerald Brady has represented Wilmington’s 4th Representative District since 2006.

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27 Jun

Education and Training

Delaware has an opportunity – during and after the pandemic – to eliminate the digital divide by ensuring all students have access to a highly functioning computer and highly functioning internet access.

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27 May

Recovering From COVID-19’s Economic Impact

Once we’ve tackled COVID-19, we will still face a period of significant economic recovery. Meeting that challenge will require innovation, workplace development, and new jobs.

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27 Apr

Living Now to Prepare for the Future

Managing and recovering from COVID-19’s health, cultural, and economic impact will be our priority for the foreseeable future.

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27 Mar

Keeping Our Streets Safe

An essential part of keeping our streets safe is innovating effective reforms in law enforcement – changes that honor and respect the hard-working servants of the law while restoring trust in the police by addressing issues of racial bias and ...

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